twit-twoo / the twitter way to remember stuff
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What? Why? How?
What is twit-twoo?

Twit-Twoo is a way of keeping your world on track when you’re tweeting away the hours! We will tweet you when you want us to with reminders for any events you want to be reminded of.

This could be reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, phone calls you need to make or something you want to watch on the TV, or absolutely anything else you need to remember!

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How does it work?

Using the wonderful world of twitter we simply send you a tweet via a reply or direct message when you have asked us to remind you about something.

It's really simple. For example, if you want a reminder about The Gadget Show, which by the way, is on British TV on a Monday at 8pm, then you'd simply add a new reminder. The link below will show you a little screenshot of how that looks.

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Why do I need twit-twoo?

Many of us sit at our Macs or PC's, or even glued to our phones, twittering away whilst doing other stuff - oblivious to whatever the rest of the world is doing.

So we created Twit-Twoo to keep us in-time with the rest of the world and remind us when important things are occurring. Stuff we need reminding about.

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